About Us

Curtis Industries

Since 1986, the year Curtis Industries, Inc. was established, we have gained the reputation of being a leader in producing superior standards for the NDT industry. In today’s global economy, quality remains the #1 key to success. At Curtis Industries, Inc. quality has become our way of life. From our NQA-1 Nuclear Program to our apprenticeship program and training of quality personnel, our commitment to quality remains the highest priority. We continually strive for new and better ways of meeting our customer’s ever-growing demands for quality products.

Investment begins with hiring quality-minded employees. From there we continue to train and educate each employee to meet our customers demands. We securely retain customer certifications and records in order to provide repeatability and reference to meet your rising expectations and goals for quality.

While training is critical, so is the need for the latest inspection equipment. With NIST calibrated equipment, all of our products are 100 percent inspected to the highest precision to provide exceptional accuracy.


John Curtis


Curtis Industries also manufactures a line of unique products for automotive racing – please visit CurtisRacing.com for details.